“Mason has endured over 9 surgeries and multiple setbacks, but he keeps fighting and we a grateful to have him every moment with us.” Said his mother, Erica.

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Press Conference @ the National Press Club .
Dr. Janice Hollis and
Dr. Leon Benjamin

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  • American-Korean Leadership Luncheon (D.C.)

    EAST meets WEST
    South Korean - U.S. Business Leader Luncheon
    Washington, D.C.

  • National Press Club

    Power4U - Host
    Media executive
    Janice Hollis
    w/ Esther Turner,CEO
    Impacting Villages in Africa

  • TX Congressman Green/Doc

  • Dragster, Alexis Dejoria and Doc

    Maplegrove Raceway
    Maplegrove, PA

  • CEO, Ms. Turner & Janice

    Capitol Hill

  • Ladies outside White House Gate (going thru security)

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Blackhawk Down Pilot Jeff Niklaus Part I (Leadership)

A great video on leadership: its demands, sacrifices, and rewards! Enjoy.

Feel the excitement-live your faith.

Mar. 1, 2019

Show Up For Your Dream

The longing within is screaming to come full circle-don't ignore the call, your destiny depends upon it.

Feb. 4, 2017

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  • 2008 Election Coverage

    Sharing faith, and answering the call of civic duty to be a part of meaningful dialogue.

  • National Press Club -D.C.

    National leaders gathered in D.C. at the National Press Club to give position statement.

  • Film Set for "Iniquity"

    Media executive, Janice Hollis and film team for the feature film "INIQUITY" based on spiritual life of David and Bathsheba.

Doc J... Major League Baseball Network Showcase

Marvelous opportunity and exchange; the inner operations of MLB. Secaucus, NJ

2016 Democratic Convention Philadelphia Fox News Set

TV Host Lou Dobbs and Janice Hollis

A wonderful opportunity to exchange with Lou Dobbs regarding the tone in the nation - 2016 Democratic Convention Coverage in Philadelphia, PA. (Fox News Set)

Where spirituality thrives in the marketplace

Ret. Airforce Pilot Jeff Niklaus [Blackhawk Down] and Doc @ Leadership Breakfast


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Join "The Dignity Flower Project" designed for teenage African Girls

The Dignity Flower Project was created to help young African teenage girls live with self-esteem, courage and a sense of knowing.  The culture in which young females have to endure is almost unbearable...

Join us and our partner “IMPACTING VILLAGES IN AFRICA” to share a very basic message to young girls in AFRICA ... "You can live with Dignity."

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