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The Men4men Better Living campaign in conjunction with the Huddle Room, is where men talk about issues to inform, empower, and share this amazing journey called life.  In addition, I am delighted to partner with to expand our collective voice as we scan the globe and transform the world.

Understanding Purpose

As I was meditating in the park, it became clearer that as I strengthen myself,  I can illuminate my little corner of the world to bring laughter, inspire thought and open many doors of opportunity for those who have none. 

 I strive to be a vessel the MASTER can utilize as a conduit of change; to live free and full of purpose as I reflect on His divine will for my life and inspire others to do likewise. 

 What a wonderful revelation.

Be sure to check back each week for exciting and informative episodes of my Sunday Blessings - just 30 seconds to empower your day. 


Meditating by the water... quiet time is essential to hear and sharpen your vision for your dimensional ascension!

Living my faith through service


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Here, we all learn to decompress and find new solutions to live a healthier, happier fulfilled life. 

Men we are influencers, and everyone associated to us is counting on us. Let's power up and impact our corner of the world. 


Men 4 Men Better Living Campaign Team.

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Dunn Pearson, Jr. composer and record producer

  • Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Famer Eddie Levert and Dunn Pearson

  • Senator Chris Murphy and Dunn Pearson

  • Dunn Pearson in mentoring session